I'm John Bodensiek, professional photographer,  instructor and founder of PhotoFusionUSA. While traveling across the US, I'm making stops along the way: teaching classes to both individuals and  and groups. Have a club? Contact me and I'll be glad to head your way!  To the left of this page you will see links to the classes and locations I am currently teaching or plan to be at.

My teaching methodology is what makes my workshops fun to attend. Everyone learns a bit different and I teach in various ways to the same class that in most cases everyone is up to speed.   The classes are kept small typically 6 or less students but there are exceptions that depend on the topic where workshops may be kept to 3 or 12 in attendance.

I like hands on learning, I find it's the best way to retain what is being taught for many.  To repeat and then repeat some more, to mix it up and conjure thought. I entice my students to solve their mistakes before I "fix" the problem. I encourage them to team up and help one another.

I enjoy questions. From the toughest to the simplest of question, no matter how insignificant they may seem, they are always welcomed!

Classes typically begin as would any organized class, but In a short period of time I have the group warmed up and feeling very comfortable.   You see, it's ok to make mistakes, not understand or take lousy pictures. I welcome you!

I use simple exercises anywhere to teach the functions of the camera like the one below to reinforce what the students are learning.







But I don't stop at just saying this is how. I have the students work it. I switch from one topic to another and repeat the process until it becomes less cumbersome.

In more advance classes  - I use models and provoke thinking to demonstrate creative lighting.  The last thing I want is for students to attend and then: forgetting most of what hey learned in a few days.  Creativity is a bit different. It's in all of us but it needs to be stimulated and pushed so as to make the student come out of his shell into seeing things from a different perspective.

Clever use of shutter speed
Clever use of shutter speed- no photoshop. no special effects. Just a slow shutter speed.



DSC_8926 _DSC0228
Photography is fun, no matter where you may find yourself, there is always something that can be photographed from a different perspective.

Photography is fun! No matter where you may find yourself, there is always something that can be photographed from a different perspective.
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