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On the road again!

Greetings! For those who don't know me, I'm John Bodensiek - the founder of PhotoFusionUSA.com.

I have been around the block a few times and ran a bunch of businesses successfully.

I can't express enough how rewarding it is to help people along the way. I am greatly enjoying this fulfilling experience. Therefore I’ve developed an innovative concept for my fellow photographers. So, what's new and coming this summer?

Loggo-Hobby-to-Biz-14 The Business of Photography.

The Business of Photography.

I could have added Videography to the title since it's probably the only workshop I have that will help videographers as much as photographers.

Why this topic? It's been on my mind since my last tour. I recognized that some photographers were taking my lighting workshops even though they already knew what to do! What I found was that some photographers don't know what kind of help they need to boost their business. Some think improving their technique or talent is what is needed when most times what they need is learning about the business of photography.

Some photographers are running their business like a lemonade stand. Are you?

You may have seen a similar ad like the following:

Free digital files with booking of a wedding.

What may seem like a pretty good deal to get a client, happens to be the worst mistake for a photographer's branding and future business. Most photographer's don't know why it's bad business. I find they do it because:

  • they have seen it done by others;
  • it's instant gratification;
  • it's quick, allowing them to move on to the next.
What they don't see is how it:
  • affects their potential revenue, sometimes in the $1,000's;
  • destroys their brand;
  • devalues their trade and worth.
This type of promotion without the knowledge of what is being given away is usually the major cause of revenue loss. It's typically a newbie's blunder.

Loggo-Hobby-to-Biz-14 The Business of Photography

Hobby to Business workshop will help you find answers to this and many more questions.  It will empower you to make the right decisions, market effectively, price prudently and get on track to operating a viable business. There are many photographers doing great. With the right plan and strategy, there is no reason why you can't! I am at a city near you just for one day -  come find me!    


The Business of Photography

Most photographers go through the same growing pains learning as they go.  You deserve to treat yourself to this workshop.  Get first hand knowledge of the ins and outs of running a photography business.  The investment will prove to be a wise one.

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Next week PhotoFusionUSA starts traveling once again!

This time with a new workshop called Hobby to Biz. It's for photographers wanting to transform their hobby to a business efficiently and successfully.

Also ideal for those already in the business wanting to break away from bad business practices which will propel their business forward.

We're excited to see registration has been better than expected.

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Today I am sharing this Facebook page with the 2 business I own: PhotoFusionUSA and TheModels'Den. Since both are related to photography: information shared from both will benefit everyone. It sure will make my life a lot easier! Notice the new URL address. 🙂 ...

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