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July Gotcha Images Lost!

It wasn't long after taking the GOTCHA pictures on the Florida beaches that I continued my promotional tour and headed to Seattle, WA.

Within a few days after arriving in Seattle a misfortune came to pass: My camera bag with laptop, wallet, camera and money were stolen from my rental car.  It happened while I was teaching at Picnic Point just north of Seattle.  Though it is a great loss to me, I feel worse having to inform those of you who had their GOTCHA pictures taken by me on the sandy beaches of Delray Beach, Florida in July that your images were stolen along with my laptop.

Without credit cards, a drivers license or cash it was a challenging week for me but I have managed surprisingly well with the help of many strangers and family alike. Renting a car won't be possible until I receive my replacement license so I have decided to extend my time in Seattle to expand TheModels'Den to the north and South of Seattle.

Nonetheless the detour the theft caused has given me a deeper and more meaningful experience here in Seattle.  I have met an incredible number of people that I would not have met otherwise.

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