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The Business of Photography

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My name is John, I'm a photographer, instructor & business consultant. These past few years I have been traveling across the U.S. teaching photography. That’s what I am passionate about – sharing my knowledge with others.  This time around, I'm taking a new direction by teaching the business of photography.


I have seen exceptional photographers working hard while unintentionally under valuing their work. Some may promote their service as being the most affordable,  which leads towards long hours, hard work, a strain on themselves and family.

Photographers are artists. They create work from their hearts and souls. Unfortunately, some are managing their business’s inefficiently with poor pricing structures, and lack of consistent strategy methods.

What I teach is not about money money money. It's about correcting or refining business methods.

If what I described struck a nerve, you owe it to yourself to attend my workshop - The Business of Photography.

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3 Financial Models FREE:

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CK-mrk-05Event Pricing Model. Includes adjustable variables to competitively price work, that leads to a desired profit.  Easily estimate weddings, or other types events easily. Some input variables are: pre-event prep time, estimated number of images, time allotment estimator for post processing much more

CK-mrk-05Portraits & Head-shot Pricing Model. On location or Studio. With the ability to change variables such as time between sessions, time per session, number of people, deliverables.

CK-mrk-05Photography Income – Expenditure Business Model. This model streamlines the revenue to analyze the sources of desired income. It also includes adjustable variables to analyze the P&L (profit & loss) structure.

 The pricing models are essential assets for your business.

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Tailored to photographers and videographers

Class size averages 12 students. 

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