Workshop Outline


The Business of Photography

Workshop Outline



The Business of Photography:


Mechanics of the Business

1 hour

CK-mrk-05Business Basics - a quick overview:

  • Setting up goals; Strategy vs business plan; Legal business structure;
  • Product and service: margins and overhead; Equipment cost, depreciation, feasibility;
  • Insurances: types and purposes;


Contracts and Licensing:

  • Contract types;
  • Copyrights: privacy infringements, licensing, protection and image theft;
  • Rate & term standards and negotiations;

10 minute break


Marketing and Sales -

1 hour 20 minutes

CK-mrk-05Branding & Marketing

  • Importance of the first impression; Building your brand;
  • Your persona vs your business brand; Soft skills are important as photography skills.
  • Marketing strategy: planning & evaluating;
  • Social media & website: purpose and reflection of the brand;
  • Advertising: free and paid; Community engagement; Networking and professional associations.

CK-mrk-05Pricing / Sales:

  • Pricing structures: Events, portrait sessions, prints, books, packages, digital files,
  • Image licensing; Up-selling; Surcharges/handling fees;
  • Presenting your work.
  • Overview of Pricing and Business Models.

End of Workshop

Free - Bonus Presentation -

Presented only if time permits.

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  • Makeing it easy to compete for larger sized contracts and qualify.
  • Reality check and the potential to earn more beyond surviving.
  • Stay independent but with the backing of a shared team.
  • Umbrella marketing, co-op services & space.