Hobbie 2 Business

Workshop Outline –

Part 1 - Business Basics:

  • Setting up Goals;
  • Legal Business Structure – state, licenses and filings;
  • Capital Structure: overhead, operations basics, margins, principal pay;
  • Pricing Structure;
  • Importance of boundaries - separating yourself from the business;

Part 2 – Business Specifics

  • Equipment cost and its depreciation;
  • Equipment Feasibility: Buy, Rent or Lease;
  • Insurances various types and purposes;
  • Working Space: your home studio vs renting by demand or committing to a commercial lease.

Part 3 – Business Planning

  • Road Map to Achieve your Goals;
  • Strategy vs Business Plan;
  • Long term financial planning: salary, retirement account, vacation pay and other benefits.


Part 4 – Contracts and Image Licensing

  • Contracts: How to Bill, How to Hire and How to Up-sale;
  • Copyrights: Privacy Infringements; Licensing, Protection and Image Theft
  • Rate and Term Standards & Negotiations
  • Bad Debt Practices;
  • Long Term Contracts - regular stream of revenue.

 Lunch Break – 1 hour   (Instructor is available for Q&A Session)

Part 5 – Marketing

  • Assessment of Marketing Strategy;
  • Building your Brand;
  • Branding; your persona vs your business brand;
  • Importance of your first presentation
  • Website – purpose and reflection on the brand;
  • Presenting your work for purchase. On-line vs one on one appointment.
  • Advertising: free and paid;
  • The infamous Craigslist and conventional Classified Advertising,
  • Community Engagement;
  • Networking and Professional Associations;
  • Soft Skills vs Photography Skills.

Last 30 minutes will be an an open forum Q&A

 Part 6 – Shared Work / Marketing

  • How to acquire work from a qualified government contractor for regional photography contracts.
  • Becoming a qualified independent regional school photographer and sports team photographer.
  • Pool your allocated budget into a shared network advertising campaign.


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