John Bodensiek

I've been an entrepreneur for most of my life. Having been involved in a variety of businesses has been a rewarding experience for me. Some memorable and exciting ones were the ones I owned and operated: a residential design firm; land developing company; full service architectural firm; t-shirt printing company; graphic illustration; photography studio; marketing & promotional company.

No matter what business I run, or venture into, I will always consider myself a photographer. It was after all my second job in my journey to becoming an entrepreneur. In 2010, I returned to photography in a different way. I founded PhotoFusionUSA.com, offering a variety of photography instruction for all photographers.

After my observation of how challenging it is for today's up and coming photographers to start their own business, I felt a need to share my life long business experience.

~John Bodensiek


_DSC0228PhotoFusionUSA offers real hands on workshops for everyone from casual-interest photographers to seasoned pros seeking new techniques.

Founded in 2010 by professional photographer John Bodensiek, PhotoFusionUSA is connecting with other photographers to teach under the brand PhotoFusionUSA which is employing a fun blend of education, expertise, and humor. John places significant emphasis on teaching through field work. Nothing is better learned than when in the trenches.

PhotoFusionUSA holds smaller, more intimate classes over long stretches of time. As a small, boutique service firm, PhotoFusionUSA combines educational programming with one-on-one mentor-ship. Specializing in numerous disciplines and techniques in today's era of photography.

Beginning in the summer of 2012, PhotoFusionUSA began to expand its offerings beyond the greater New York City region. Workshops can be found in coffee shops, parks, beaches, mountain sides, city streets, classrooms, meeting rooms, and professionally equipped studios.