John Bodensiek

Aside from being an entrepreneur and having owned a variety of businesses like: residential design firm, land developing, a full service architectural firm, t-shirt printing company, graphic illustration business, photography studio, marketing, promotional company, and now a business consulting company -- my passion has been photography.  And no matter what business I run, or venture into, I will always consider myself a professional photographer. It was, after all my second job in my journey to becoming an entrepreneur.  In 2010, a couple of years after I closed down my architectural business, which was the result of the real estate crash, I started PhotoFusionUSA.com, offering a variety of photography instruction for all photographers whether they are just picking up their first camera or are professionals looking to refine their talent. I found the combination of offering my services as a photographer and that of teaching has been rewarding. Teaching completes me, and creating the images empowers me to want to teach even more. In 2016 I became a principal of Biz Consulting Hub Inc., a business consulting firm based in New York City.  I decided to couple business consulting with PhotoFusionUSA after my observations of how challenging it was for the students I taught photography to successfully start and maintain a photography business profitably.  I have seen great talent get disillusioned from attempting to get into business.  Today's rapid changes in business practices, marketing, branding, pricing and competition have made entering into the photography business that much more daunting. Biz Consulting Hub, Inc. is the creator of specialty workshops called Hobby to Biz, for those wishing to transform their hobbies to a business.  It was a combined brainstorm idea of mind and that of my associate, Maria.  To think: it all started helping photographers one by one. But before Biz to Hub, how did I start teaching photography? It was in 2010 while I was on a “photowalk” with a group of novice photographers. The walks almost always revealed interesting subjects to shoot, but most of all, they were just good old-fashioned fun. On this walk, one of the group members approached me for help. I started to answer his questions and explained what I look for and why. Next thing I knew, a second photographer had approached me. Before I knew it I was teaching a group and I loved it. That moment was a powerful reminder of how my career “began,” thanks to a commercial artist I got to call dad. One hot summer dad decided to put our basement to good use: He announced he would build a working darkroom. I didn’t know what that meant but with my dad’s German background, I knew it would be a serious undertaking. As the youngest of five I knew I had to be persistent to get his attention. That summer’s basement project and my own curiosity were my tickets for the family spotlight. Along with an older brother, I became one of dad’s newest apprentices. That small room changed everything. My interest grew rapidly. I liked it so much I checked my 10-year old ‘Dennis the Menace’ persona at the door. Inside the darkroom, I was on my best behavior. Dad rewarded my curiosity with my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic. The man was a natural teacher. The more questions I asked him the more he’d teach me. I soon graduated to using his Agfa twin reflex camera.Sadly, within two short years my dad had lost the fight of his life, succumbing to cancer at 45. But the seeds were planted. Beyond that first, special teacher of mine I’ve been privileged to learn from experience, countless mentors, workshops, and even books. I am a lifelong learner. 'till we meet soon, ~John Bodensiek


_DSC0228PhotoFusionUSA offers real hands on workshops for everyone from casual-interest photographers to seasoned pros seeking new techniques. Founded in 2010 by professional photographer John Bodensiek, PhotoFusionUSA is connecting with other photographers to teach under the brand PhotoFusionUSA which is employing a fun blend of education, expertise, and humor. John places significant emphasis on teaching through field work. Nothing is better learned than when in the trenches. PhotoFusionUSA holds smaller, more intimate classes over long stretches of time. As a small, boutique service firm, PhotoFusionUSA combines educational programming with one-on-one mentorship. Specializing in numerous disciplines and techniques in today's era of photography. Beginning in the summer of 2012, PhotoFusionUSA began to expand its offerings beyond the greater New York City region. Workshops can be found in coffee shops, parks, beaches, mountain sides, city streets, classrooms, meeting rooms, and professionally equipped studios.

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